Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Stranger part 1 essay

    In the passage when Monsieur Meursalt is having a conversation wit Marie, Marie had asked if he would marry her and he gave her an I don't care type of attitude. In "The Stranger", Albert Camus shows how Meursalt has no feelings towards anything and is ignorant towards the feelings anyone shares with him, by showing this he also shows how this effects the relationships Meursalt has with people. This is all shown by the way Camus has Meursalt talk.
    "Then she wanted to know if I loved her. I answered the same way i had last time, that it didn't man anything but that I probably didn't love her." Monsieur Meursalt hangs out with Marie as much as he can, they're always at the beach together, and he's showing affection towards her. Marie is letting Meursalt know she cares about him and he doesn't give it in return. He's showing this I don't care attitude when he says that. Not caring about her feelings when he so bluntly says "it didn't mean anything but that i probably didn't love her." He doesn't care.
    A little more into the passage,  Marie asks Meursalt if he would marry another girl if had asked and he said "sure". By that one word he is showing he could care less if Marie wants to get married or not. Asking someone to get married is a big deal. Meursalt just blows if off like its nothing. He's being really ignorant, you can't just marry someone and just do it because you have a what ever feeling about the situation.
    "I didn't say anything, because I didn't have anything to add, so she took my arm with a smile and she wanted to marry me." Marie just expressed to Meursalt her feelings and he has nothing to say. I find that odd. In a relationship both people need to show they care and love another, but they also need to be able to talk. Meursalt and Marie's relationship is like a one person thing. She's giving and expressing her feelings and Meursalt has nothing to add or say. He can't be in a relationship and act that way. He shouldn't be in one if he doesn't know how to act.
    Meursalt puts up and act. He doesn't care about anything, he has no emotions towards anything. When acting like this he's going to ruin everything with the people he has a relationship with. In order to be able to talk to people he needs to express how he feels and be able to listen and give feedback to what others say.

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